Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something to learn about my frustration

I started "Letting Go of the Camera" by Brooks Jensen yesterday.  I bought this book second hand at our local book shop.  They had a buy-one-take-one promo and I got this together with "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt for a mere Php 150.00.  If you ask the date, I already forgot but it was even before April of this year.

I used to own a Nikon Fm camera back in college and was able to practice photography back then.  I filed all my negatives in a shoe box together with the information for each of the shots that I took (whenever it was possible).  But they're all gone now.  The big flood Reming took away a lot of my memories, this one included.

Anyway, I have yet to get myself a DSLR camera but I want to read about photography, hence, the book.

Here's the first five sentences on its page 68.
     If you are not prepared for this subconscious overload and the subsequent overflow of creative ideas, you run the risk of diffusing much of the workshop's benefits.
     Play a game with yourself before the workshop.  Imagine the workshop instructor is with you in photographing or darkroom sessions over the week and months before the workshop.  (Most workshops require advance registration; so you probably know far in advance that you are going to attend.)
     At every opportunity, think what you would like to ask the instructor at that moment of peak activity.  Jot this question down..  

Full of Profound Thinking

I'm finally done with the book.  My account said that I started it somewhere in August and it took me over a month.

The book is full of profound thinking.  The wisdom contained are countless and as deep as they can be.

I must admit that I stopped reading for some time.  Some of those days are actually because of my treatment.  I have been  undergoing chemotherapy since April of this year and at times, I couldn't bring myself to read.  Actually, I haven't been reading since April.

Some of those times are because of the internet, which is my greatest distraction on reading.

The last reason is the fact that it was really quite hard for me to bring myself to pick up the book because of its profound nature.  That is, at least to me.  There are a lot of things that needs time to actually think about.  The kind that you need to go to a somewhat quiet place, read a chapter or even just a page and contemplate on what St. Therese is really trying to say.  And a quiet place is one of the hardest to find these days.  Not to mention, again, the internet distraction.

However, I might want to read the book again.  There are passages embedded on the book that are really worth ruminating on.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux

This entry is really late.  Because I used to do this even before I start a book.  My page 68 entries are done that way.  So, my apologies.  I know that my chemotherapy treatment should not be an excuse but that's all there is.

My mood swings are really bad especially during the first few days after the drip.  I can't even bring myself to read even if I wanted to so much.

But I know that after five cycles, I know I have to fight this.  If you have noticed, I added a widget that shows I challenged myself to reading six books before the year ends and I really hope and I'll really try to meet this goal.

So, here we go.

On page 68 of this book, it's blank.  So I decided to move forward to the next page with writings, which, in this case is page 71.
While I was speaking about the visit to the Carmelites, I am reminded of the first visit which took place shortly after Pauline's entrance.  I forgot to speak about it, but there is a detail that should not be omitted.  The morning of the day I was to visit, I was thinking things over in my bed (for it was there that I made my profound meditations, and contrary to the bride in the Canticles, I already found my Beloved there).  I wondered what name I would be given in Carmel.  I knew there was a Sister Therese of Jesus; however, my beautiful name Therese could not be taken away from me.  

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