Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angela gets well but they had to move.

This is going to be my last post about the book.

Things had been busy since November.  I was reading bits every now and then but not posting.  I think I got tired of writing, too.  I couldn't get myself to sit down and write, even in my two other blogs.

But anyhow...

Malachy the father was home for Christmas.  I didn't know whether I'd be happy for them or what.  But I know Frankie was happy to see his father.  He got them some chocolates, but that's all.  On that same day, the night of Christmas, he also left for England.  I don't really know what's on their father's mind, but I know that in more ways than one, Frankie and the kids were happy, even just for this day.

They couldn't pay their rent and they'd be locked out if they didn't move out.  Frank's grandma got them a place to live, about two miles outside town, in a place owned by a guy called Laman Griffin.  I think Laman was somehow a great help for Frank in getting access to the library and having the opportunity to read.  Laman sends Frankie to go to the library and get him books, and Frankie had the privilege of access to books.

But things weren't good.  I couldn't describe it.  You will have to read it yourself.

Frankie left Laman's house and never wanted to come back.

Now that his grandma is dead, he asked his uncle if he could stay in her place.  There was no problem.  He got a job and was saving his way to get to America.  He was determined and was blessed to get jobs that helped him support himself, give a little to his family and save some for his ticket to America.

He got the money by the time he turned seventeen and told his mother the day he bought his tickets.

Frankie left his mother and two brothers.  His father and another brother, Malachy, was both in England when he left.

He got a word from the Mr. Sliney, the guy his mother is taking care of.
Never smoke another man's pipe.
I know what this means.  But I don't exactly what Mr. Sliney was trying to tell Frank.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Angela snubs her Woodbines

Now, it's Angela.

She lied down one day and never got up to smoke her Woodbines.  She moans and says lemonade.  Frankie didn't know how to get her her lemonade because they don't have money; they don't even have coal for the fire. So, Frankie goes out and plans to ask Mrs. O'Connell if she can loan him a bottle of lemonade because his mother is sick and would pay them as soon as his mother gets the dole.

But, Frankie didn't have the courage to ask.  He saw the delivery truck of lemonades and saw Mrs. O'Connell having tea and bread and Frankie thought this isn't a great time to ask her.  So, he figured out a way to get more than a bottle of lemonade and a loaf of bread for him and his brothers.

Since Angela couldn't get up in the morning to wake them up, Frankie and his brothers started to miss school.  This went on until the officer from the school goes to their home and discovered what was wrong.  He immediately asked Frankie to go to her grandmother, who, later on, went to get a doctor.

Angela has pneumonia and was brought to the hospital.

However, the kids got to stay at their Aunt Aggie's until Angela gets out.

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