Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

There would be some changes since I got my Kindle.  On this gadget, I found out that sometimes, in some books, the pages don't work.  Instead, you'll find 'location.'  And it's not really viable to use location 68 since sometimes, it's still with the table of contents, acknowledgments, etc.  So, better use the percentage.  Since Kindle uses the percent instead of pages.  And I'll call it halfway up.

I need that pyramid and capstone... and I'm running out of time.
Sato arrived at First Street just as a black Escalade SUV with dark windows raved across the double yellow and skidded to a top in front of her at ther rendezvous point.  A lone agent got out.
"Any word yet on Langdon?" Sato demanded. 
"Confidence is high," the man said, emotionless.
Before starting with this book, I searched and was wondering why it got only an average of 3.5 rating.  But after reading several pages, it seemed to me that there might be a reason why.

My first reaction was that it started in almost the same way as with the Da Vinci Code.  I nearly lost interest because of the similarity.  But I tried to go on and see more.

The next thing is that those lengthy information on backgrounds of certain things bored me.  I know that sometimes some information are needed to fill in the gap, but then, sometimes it's way too long that I started to lose grip of the story.

I hope things change somewhere in the middle... or sooner.

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