Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Business

image copied from WikipediaAfter having gone through some stories about little women, building schools and fairy tales, the latest on my bedside is about the Don.  I admit that what led me to read the book is the game I play on Facebook [which is where I am almost always at these days] called Mafia Wars.  I wanted to learn more about the Mafia because I felt like there is more to the game than just clicking the mouse endlessly until your power is not enough for any of the jobs to do.

So, the book started with several people having gone through some acts that brought pain which led them to seek the help of the godfather.  I guess we can all say that this is revenge..

What is it with revenge?

I couldn't blame these people for seeking justice oustide the law.  They have suffered.  But as one tweet quote said:
Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
- Confucius
I'm going to find out if it's all worth it.

A Few Good Books

Since I went on hibernation, I didn't stop reading.  But I stopped posting.  There were a few good books I have read since "Night Shift" and I should say they are all good.  But I wasn't able to post updates, reactions, views on these books.

However, I tried to prepare my summaries for them.  Only thing I am thinking right now is where to actually put it.  Should I put it on pages or just as another regular posting? I wanted "Blaze" to be on a page since I didn't have much postings about it.  So, I guess I'll go for the page.

They will be posted during the weekend.

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