Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bulalo Soup for the Sole: Jew Lariosa

She had found someone who loved her truly, regardless of the conditions that society imposes on us.. 
He loved her enough to sit through the whole ceremony in front of three priests and a huge crucifix looming overhead.  He loved her enough to endure the coaxing for friends and family to drink some more.  He loved her enough to beam at his wife and dance with a bunch of sloshed cousins, though he was burning with fever.  He loved her enough not to say a peep when they served pork at the table where he dined.

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my-mint-dish said...

We share the same sentiments! I read her book. I bought it when Milflores had a book sale in UP. I liked it and I tried to look for more information about her. And I found your site. Surprisingly, you tried to look for more info about her as well. Oh well, we're left wondering why.

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